Troubleshooting SSL certificate error while trying to login (to import API) to Anypoint Platform > Design Center

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Note: Error was faced only in the corporate laptop/network and must be due to some network rules. In the personal laptop, none of these steps were required.

Step 1: Make sure OpenJDK installation is done by selecting the below components


Step 2: Go to in Browser. From the address bar, click on Certificate and view certificate. Use “Save to File” option and download the main certificate. Chain not required.

Step 3: Install “KeyStore Explorer” (Admin access required) and Update JCE Policy (will be prompted by the app).

Step 4: Go to My Computer > Advanced > Environment Variables and see what is set as the “JAVA_HOME” location. If OpenJDK is installed, it would be “C:\Program Files (x86)\Java\jre1.8.0_77\lib\”

Step 5: Open “KeyStore Explorer” as Admin and select “Open an Existing KeyStore”. Navigate to path identified in Step 4. The go into “Security” folder. Select “cacerts” file and open. Password for the keystore is ‘changeit’.

Step 6: Click on “Import Trusted Certificate” option and select the downloaded certificate. It should get imported. Save and exit.


Step 7: Go to the project > Right Click > Anypoint Platform > Import from Design Center. After giving credentials, it should now load the API’s.

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